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The difference between the beginning and the end of QDII performance differentiation was nearly 130%

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Since the beginning of this year, the overseas market has been greatly shaken, and the performance differentiation among different types of QDII funds has become more and more clear. As of the end of July, the top ranked funds have increased by 68.74% this year, while those at the bottom have lost nearly 60%. The gap between them is close to 130%. In the view of many QDII fund managers, under the condition that the major economies in the world have launched loose monetary policies, there are still good investment opportunities for high-quality assets, and growth stocks such as science and technology and medicine are particularly worthy of attention.

The performance gap between the beginning and the end of


U.S. stock market and crude oil market are both hot and cold. The new edition of tianfuwa lottery ticket results in a large differentiation of QDII products invested around them. As of the end of July, there were 67 QDII funds with an increase of more than 20% since the end of July. Among them, Wells Fargo blue chip stocks ranked first with an increase of 68.74%, and funds such as GF Global Select Stocks, Zengfu global consumption assimilation and Shanghai investment in Morgan Chinese Biomedical assimilation also increased by more than 60%.

As can be seen from the latest fund's second quarter report, the above-mentioned funds are mainly invested in the US and Hong Kong stock markets, and the top 10 heavy positions are focused on domestic demand driven consumption, medicine, technology and other leading enterprises. Take Wells Fargo blue chip stock fund as an example. As of the second quarter, Chunli medical, kangxinuo biological-b, Xinda biology, China flying crane and other stocks held by the fund have increased by more than 50% since the beginning of this year.

On the other hand, under the pressure of international oil prices, QDII funds of bulk commodities or crude oil are suffering. Among them, the bottom ranked commodity fund has fallen nearly 60% this year, and the gap with the \

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